Cancer Check Now is a business based in Omaha Nebraska. It is following the exciting progress of micro fluid analysis for cancer detection. We feel the research and progress of a San Francisco based company, called Miroculus, has the soundest technology and can bring the most accurate cancer detection technology to market before any competitors.

Miroculus uses the presence of microRNA strands as biomarkers.  These biomarkers can show the presence of dozens of types of cancer in 60 to 90 minutes with a simple blood draw. This will allow Cancer Check Now to offer a fast, inexpensive platform for cancer detection that is non-invasive. This early detection can provide our customers with answers even before symptoms are present, and provide more life saving options from their oncologist. It can also save them tremendous amounts of money. The ultimate dream and goal is that cancer will become a manageable disease through early detection.

Cancer Check Now is working to bring this groundbreaking technology to retail markets starting in Omaha Nebraska. Omaha has world-class medical research facilities and is well known as an ideal test market for many companies in the United States. In the future we plan to grow and expand to other locations throughout the Midwest.

Please check back to this webpage periodically for updates.